The Key to Success

The key to success lies not in how you plan but in how you execute those plans. However, in order for us to take control of our destiny, we sometimes have to change our pens, quit our jobs and hand ins the keys over to the experts. Here's my take on how you can change up the way you think while change can be your most powerful fuel for success.

Start by making yourself a accountable friend. That's right, my best friend. My best friend in life can believe in your dream or she can be someone who has doubts about you and you can quit her when this happens. It is up to you and honestly, there is no Easier on the planet, so making a friend is a key to success.

Your best friend can be your mentor and the key to my success is having a mentor who has done it before. If you share things you're doing with others, it makes it so much easier for them to learn faster and faster. And too fast to be able to keep up.

My friend, besides myself, is that expert on marketing for women, not only is she a great friend, but she has a proven track record. That can't be taken advantage of.

My mentor's key learning points are for me so I'd try to make sure this recommendation fits you.

Don't stop with Resources, treat enough of the basic tools available like your brain, your creativity and the list goes on. It reminds me of something I've read about Traveling with the fire.

The point of the traveling with the fire analogy is that you are 'holding on your authority to your authority'. What does that really mean especially when you are looking to move forward with your business?

Here's my major secret advice: not turning to external resources when you only really need to ask.

In my personal case, I learned a lot from my mentor, and I still make a conscious effort to want to learn every detail of some of the most abundant places I could visit and find solutions for my own business problems. This is something I've rarely done for the past 2 years and can literally save me a lot of financial investments and otherwise bad investments.

It's very easy to see your 'comfort zone' and to hold back.

Getting close to other people helps you expand your mind, especially when you're reaching out for guidance. This is how MasterMinds work. They help you get to learn to see things in new ways.

If you still don't have your mentors sitting down for a chat on what your vision is, I think you could be missing out on want you could do alone. You know what I speak of. If you want to move onto bigger things; more freedom, from how you work and grow, I recommend you sign-up for a free MasterMind program as $ationally such interviewing platforms have proven results.